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Full Ecological Tour 5 days


5 days


Lago Agrio

Max people

50 persons


All year

Look deeply into nature and then you will understand everything, enjoy direct contact with all the fauna that our Full Ecological tour of 5 days and 4 nights offers in the middle of the Cuyabeno Amazon jungle.

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Day 1:

Night bus from Quito, Baños or other destinations in Ecuador to reach Lago Agrio. We can organize the shared bus from Quito to Lago Agrio, the bus trip will take approximately 7 to 8 hours. The other alternative is the plane. You can also buy plane tickets with us to fly from Quito to Lago Agrio. The flight code is Tame EQ 201 and EQ210

For people traveling by bus, the meeting point is “Magic Paradise” around 09:30 am, with a representative of the Piranha Lodge. After picking up the people who will arrive by plane, you will travel by private transportation to the entrance to the Cuyabeno Reserve, for 2 hours.

From the entrance of the Cuyabeno Reserve you will take the canoe ride along the Cuyabeno River to reach the lodge, approximately 2 hours, if the river has a considerable water level, when it is shallow in the dry season it will take longer. Lunch is served at the Lodge around 2:00 p.m. In the afternoon the activity will begin around 4:00 p.m., to visit the Laguna Grande and other nearby attractions. Around 5:30 PM you will arrive at the Lagoon to swim and watch the sunset, which is one of the most amazing parts of the tour. At 18:00 an exciting night walk awaits you, during the walk you can expect to see a large number of insects, spiders, tarantulas; also, listening to the jungle at night which is so incredible. Dinner is served at 8:00 p.m. After dinner the guide will give a brief briefing of the Lodge and the Cuyabeno reserve, as well as the itinerary for the next day. Rest.

Meals included: lunch box and dinner.

Day 2:

Breakfast is served at 08:00 am, however, you can get up early in the morning; If you like birds, you can always be at the top of the canopy tower watching birds, also the sunrise.

After breakfast, you will take a short canoe ride to Laguna Grande. Here around the lagoon there are a couple of trails where you will take a walk in the rainforest for approximately 3 hours, to learn about medicinal plants and biological flora and fauna. Once the hike is over, you will return to the lodge by motorized or paddling canoe.

Lunch is around 1:00 PM, after lunch you will have time to relax by the river or enjoy a nap in one of our hammocks. The afternoon activity begins around 4:00 p.m., which includes taking a short canoe ride to other nearby lagoons and the Cuyabeno River to look for wildlife. Around 5:30 p.m., it’s time to swim and watch the sunset. Around 18:00, the alligator searching activity will start, maybe if you are lucky, you will probably see the Amazon Tree Boa, which is common to see at night.

Dinner at 8:00 p.m., rest.

Meals included: breakfast, lunch, dinner.

Day 3:

Breakfast at 08:00 am It’s time to prepare for the full day adventure. The canoe ride begins around 09:00 am down the Cuyabeno River, slowly searching for some wildlife. In about an hour you will arrive at the indigenous community; where you will visit an indigenous family. Here, the guide will take you around, to explain to you about their culture and traditions.; continuing with the emblematic activity of preparing traditional food called “Casabe”. Preparation includes demonstration and tasting of traditional food.

Further down, on the Cuyabeno River is the Shaman, the program consists of visiting the shaman and learning about his culture and tradition. In addition, receiving treatment with a medicinal plant called “red nettle”

After visiting the Shaman, you will stop at the Cuyabeno River to see the largest tree in the rainforest called “Ceiba”, then return to the lodge, where you will arrive at 16:00 or so. Now you can take a short break to have a tea or coffee.

If you don’t feel tired you can go to the Lagoon to see the last sunset and look for animals that you haven’t seen yet. Dinner at 8:00 p.m.

Meals included: breakfast, lunch, dinner.

Day 4:

The four-day program takes the opportunity to paddle an eco-friendly canoe to experience jungle life at a slower pace. The itinerary gives you greater opportunities to enjoy the magic of the jungle and offers the chance to see the elusive wildlife that has not yet been seen.

Excellent alternative for couples or people who do not expect to be in large groups all the time.

Day 5:

You will wake up early in the morning, the activity starts at 06:00 am to 08:00 am

The activity contrasts bird watching or the search for any species of animal in the tranquility of the early morning. Breakfast is at 08:00 am After breakfast it is time to pack up, to begin the trip up the Cuyabeno River around 09:00 am from the Lodge, to return to the Reserve Entrance. Along the river you will have time to take a last look at the animals, flora and fauna of the jungle. The tour ends in Lago Agrio around 2:00 p.m.

From Lago Agrio you can travel to any destination in Ecuador. We also organize the shared bus to Quito, with prior reservation.

Meals included: breakfast

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What’s Included:

  • Food and drinks (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner)
  • Accommodation (we provide double, double, triple and multiple rooms all with private bathrooms and shower)
  • Complete river and land transportation from Lago Agrio to Lagartococha round trip
  • A fully guided program with an expert Amazon naturalist guide in English
  • Rain ponchos and boots for the duration of your tour
  • Camping equipment

Price does not include:

  • Alcoholic drinks from the bar
  • Transportation to and from Quito
  • Entry per person to visit the Indigenous community in Playas de Cuyabeno value: $10.
  • Photos and interaction with the dolphins value: $15

What you should bring:

  • Sunglasses
  • Flashlight
  • Swimsuit
  • Sunscreen
  • Insect repellent
  • Water bottle

Starting at

350 USD / per person

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